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Don't miss out on our exclusive events, discounts, and classes. Members are always the first to know whenever there is a new event or exhibition and enjoy exclusive exhibition previews, evening receptions, and discounts on ticketed events.

wide angle of the inside of the museum showing pews, chandelier and pulpit
Neoclassical wood sculpture of a woman pouring water from a jug


We are eternally grateful to all of our benefactors who contribute towards keeping us alive. All proceeds are directly reinvested into making our museum a better and more impressive place for you and your family.



We have a very important mission here at Mattapoisett Museum: To educate and enlighten the minds of our visitors and to encourage curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. We believe in educating the community and passing on the joy we carry for our work. However, our work is never complete—we need fresh ideas and dedicated volunteers to devote time and creative thinking to make the museum the best that it can be. If that is you, send us a message.

Sculpture of an eagle perched on top of a gold ball
early 1900s photo of three boys sanding the main door at Center School


Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Each of them motivates us to develop new, exciting programs that immerse our visitors in unique experiences. An hour or two is all it takes.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Transcribing journals in our collection

  • Greeting and giving tours of the museum

  • Administrative duties 

  • Cleaning and dusting the exhibit space

  • Working in the gift shop during events


Your business would contribute to the continuing education of all people who walk through our doors. If you had a good experience in the past or were lucky enough to visit us at one of our exhibitions, know that all this wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our Corporate Partners. Join a growing list of local businesses supporting the museum.

1900's photo of Atsatt Brothers Grocery store with a horse and carriage out front
photo of an open laptop with shopping bags on the keyboard



Mattapoisett Museum is proud to partner with ShopRaise. From groceries and apparel to technology and travel – a percentage of almost everything you buy using the ShopRaise app goes to support our cause. You can shop at retailers like Macy's, Lowe's, J. Crew, and L.L. Bean.

Start supporting us with every purchase.

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