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Published by the Mattapoisett Historical Society (Mattapoisett Museum) in 2011, this 58 page book takes you through the images of the Clifford Ashley mural painted in 1919. The orinal painting was donated to the Museum in 2010 by Mrs. Polly Field Duff Phipps, the mural had been at her family home at 20 Water St. for the last 90 years. Through fundraising by the museum, and a resoration project, the mural now hangs in a prominent location at the museum, 5 Church St, Mattapoisett.


Managing Editor: Seth Mendell
Captions and Historic Commentary: Seth Mendell and Connor Gaudet
Photography: Eric Gould
Images pgs 1-49: Jonathan Bekemeier
Hinsdale House pgs 51-52: Duff Family Archives
Removal of Mural pgs 53-54: Penny Brewer
Restoration of Mural pg 55: Nate Bekemeier and Gianfranco Pocobene
Return of Mural pgs 57-58: Mia Bekemeier, Penny Brewer and Erik Fox

Consultants: Nate Bekemeier, Katherine Gaudet, Robert Hauser, Maureen McCarthy, Jennifer McIntire and Alice Mendell.


100% off the proceeds goes directly to the museum to bring educational exhibits and online content to the community. Thanks for your support!

A Chart Of The Whale Coast Of New England

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