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The Mattapoisett Museum is dedicated to the preservation of significant artifacts from Mattapoisett’s past which demonstrate the life and culture of this old New England town.

We are housed in a charming 1821 Meeting House with an attached replica of a 200 year old carriage house. The ancient pews, graceful galleries, and post and beam construction in the carriage house carry one back to when life revolved around daily work, church, town meeting and the waterfront.

Come visit us and let life in historic Mattapoisett come alive for you!

outside of the museum built in 1821
Seth Mendell giving a lecture inside the museum. People sitting in pews


The Mattapoisett Museum is a vibrant place of learning and community activities. 

  • We collaborate and partner with surrounding communities to provide a place of learning and sharing. 

  • We collect, maintain and make available for use cultural and historical materials relating to Mattapoisett's heritage. 

  • We create a welcoming place for all people of all ages. 


Dr. Jeffrey Miller man with glasses wearing black shirt and tie



Dr. Jeffrey Miller has been director at the Mattapoisett Historical Society since October 2015. Jeff is a heritage professional with over 10 years of experience in archaeology, history, and heritage management. He received his doctorate from Queen’s University Belfast, and specializes in exploring the links between communities, history, and places. His past research has included investigating the history of Prudence Island and the surrounding Narragansett Bay region. Prior to returning to his native Massachusetts he spent several years living abroad in Ireland and the UK, where he worked to connect coastal communities with their heritage.

Clifford Ashley painting of ships at New Bedford wharf


The early story of the founding of the Mattapoisett Museum was recorded by Minerva Sparrow in 1959. She credits Lemuel LeBaron Dexter’s interest in Mattapoisett history and his dedication to collecting as the seeds to the founding of the Historical Society. Mr. Dexter entrusted his collection of log books, wills, trusts, deeds, etc. to Mr. Francis Rowland. In 1958, Mr. Rowland floated the idea of founding a historical society to Minerva. The Mattapoisett Historical Society was founded on May 19, 1958. Just when the historical society was hunting for a home for their museum, the Faunce’s attorney was seeking to create a trustee board to manage the funds left to preserve the “Old Baptist Church.” A mutually beneficial relationship was established from the outset. The historical society opened a museum at 5 Church Street in 1959. Charles Mendell became the society’s first curator in 1960.

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